HL7 CDA implementation guides

On this page we have listed the available HL7 CDA-CH implementation guides for you. Translations are partially available in German or French.

ID Title Version
CDA-CH V2 Specification for electronic exchange of medical documents in Switzerland 2018.05.07
CDA-CH-EDES Emergency Department Encounter Summary 2013.10.11
CDA-CH-EMED eMedication 2018.05.08
CDA-CH-LREP General laboratory report 2018.07.14
CDA-CH-LRPH Laboratory reports for public health 2013.08.22
CDA-CH-LRQC Laboratory Reports for Quality Control 2017.01.31
CDA-CH-LRTP Laboratory reports in the transplantation process 2014.01.29
CDA-CH-MSET Medical summary for emergency treatment 2015.02.09
CDA-CH-RESP Rescue Service Protocol 2018.06.01
CDA-CH-SMCP Social-medical care plan 2019.02.25
CDA-CH-VACD Immunization Content (eVACDOC) 2018.05.07

Schemas, Schematronrules and Sample CDA-Documents

OpenSource Repository, which contains supporting documents: